Bloody Toez’s Future

This blog will keep moving forward but of course updated. My interest in talent and creativity will show in my upcoming videos. In which, there will more opportunities for anybody to get their name out to the public. For artist that do anything regarding music, dance, painting etc. This is the time to show your creativity to the world!

I’m excited for what the future holds for this blog of mine! The future is near and it is looking very interesting! Bloody Toez’s is a once in a lifetime opportunity everybody! My name is Drew Sanborn and I willing to help get your story out there! Let’s show your creative ability and get started!


An American In Rio

Act 1: Smoldering, blazing sunset beaming on the eyes of an American in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He carries a suitcase and wears an ocean blue shirt that is unmatched by his red scarf. Entering a coffee shop that is filled with the overwhelming smell of coffee bean. Yelling is overpower the quiet conversations that were taking place in the shop. “Hurry up! we have customers! Hurry! Hurry!”

One worker runs out the door like he is running away from the bulls in Spain. The American was startled for a moment than recollect himself and began looking at the menu. “I will have a coffee, with cream and no sugar.” The owner nods and begins making the gentleman his coffee.

Act 2: Seating and staring at the last seconds of the sun setting, the American realizes he needs to make a phone call to a friend. Dialing away and simply waiting for a pick up. Suddenly,”Hello, Danny?” The American quickly answers,” Pedro! I am happy you picked up I was wondering if you wanted to meet me at The Joyce Theater tonight.” Pedro answers, “Sounds good Danny. Want me to bring the black bag? Danny pauses for a moment then says,”Yes, It is time. I will see you there in an hour.”

Hanging up the black cell phone the American finally gets his coffee from the owner. Sipping the hot liquid like it was lava rolling down the throat. Although, lava can sooth the stomach once it gets passed the throat. The young man began to leave the coffee shop and thanking the owner. The night life was lively like it was new years eve. Fireworks all over the sky and party lights were all the way down the streets covering the shops in Rio. Horns blaring and all of the locals were walking in the same direction that the American was going towards, which was forward.

Act 3: Walking into the Joyce theater was like squeezing a dozen marshmallows into your mouth at once. It was very difficult but just closely possible to get in the theater. Pedro waiting for Danny with a black bag and straight face like he had a gun to his head. Pedro appeared to be nervous and uncomfortable. Danny took the bag from Pedro,” Thank you.” Pedro answered,”knock them died!”

Danny found his seat and waited for the first performance. Hip Hop was the first dance that was performed on the Joyce stage. Many locals were clapping like it was big party that was never going to end. There were famous professional dancers that were judging the performers. The opening dance ended and Danny stood up and got on the stage. The audience gasped from what was in the black bag.

Danny opened the and pulled out ballet shoes. Then pointed at Pedro to start the music. Swaying, flowing, fierceness and nostalgic. The American’s performance was beautiful and broke people’s hearts. The dance had to do with his lost of a family member.


Act 4: The flow began to slowly be diminished by cries and silence. Pedro faded the music backstage. The crowd cheered with a roaring applause. Pedro was jumping up and down in excitement for his buddy. Danny stood up and took a bow for the crowd. Then left the Joyce theater with Pedro. One of the judges came running out of the Joyce to get Danny’s attention.”Hey you! wait up! What is your name?” Danny in shock said,”Danny Keitel.” The judge immediately offered him something that could change the American’s life forever.

The judge said,”Danny would you like to work with my company back in the U.S? We can discuss a salary later.” His eyes were gazing in the American’s betty little eyes.

Act 5: Danny woke up with a tapping on his back. “Sirrr!! Hello?” The worker from the coffee shop had a muffin for Danny. “Sir, you can have this ass whooping muffin that I just batch up, I had to get chocolate chips at the market. My bad, that it took so long, but you also fell asleep, so I did not want to wake you up.”

Danny disappointed that his dream performance was a nightmare because it was not true. His struggle for success and attention was still a reality. Although he understand that the festival at the Joyce was coming up. There is hope, but for now he has to enjoy a crappy cup of coffee in Rio. The worker said,” Sir, we have to close in a minute so stuff that muffin down your throat and get out!” The American smiled and just took his muffin and walked on the streets of Rio and enjoyed the nightlife.


One Of The Greats

The most famous jazz drummers in the bepop era in the nineteen sixties was Max Roach. For most of my post I have talked about struggling artist but Max was the only one that never struggled. He is more of a role model for all those who have and will have troubles in the arts. Roach started playing professional at the young age of twenty years old. His smooth touch of the cymbals made him so good. Musicians that worked with Max were, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Dizzie Gilizeppe and much more.


Max worked on forty albums in his career. He did more than just Jazz too. All different types of genres of music were done by him on the drums.

Later in life, Roach became a producer, composer and a professor at Umass Amherst. He gave his talents to many students and the knowledge that was in his brain. Max Roach gave an amazing legacy that will never be forgotten. The great passed away on 2007. Although, many artist that struggle today look up to him and found inspiration.


So You Think You Can Dance is a T.V show that focuses on all genres of dance. There are all different types of talents from these individual dancers. For the dancers it is important to show their own personalities on stage. This provides them with more fans to understand the dancer as a person not just a performer. I had the privilege to meet one of the shows rising stars.

His stage name was called, “Twitch”. Although his real name was called Stephan Boss. Twitch was originally known for his hip hop style of dances. His solos are what made him popular on the show. Personally I remember watching his solos with my twin sister, who is a phenomenal dancer, by the way. Just watching him goofing around and having fun while dancing made me inspired.

The strength of his ability to always leave an audience smiling from laughter or amazement by his talent seemed to come at ease for Stephan.


On the last show Stephan did a soft ballet performance that led into a lyrical that made audience hearts melt away. The joker of Twitch had a soft spot for a moment and it was a beautifully touching sight to see. The two dancers were in perfect harmony. This particular dance turned Stephan from a struggling dancer from Philly to a professional dancer. Twitch is now working for the Ellen DeGeneres show as a DJ and dancer. So You Think You Can Dance also has him on the show as a dancer choreographer. This T.V show has given unknowns a shot for becoming the next big thing. Lastly, for any struggling dancers this show is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to make dance a profession.

One And A Million

In life, we overcome obstacles and situations that sometimes are hard to breakthrough. There is something needed to keep a musical artist to stay mentally and physically stable. Most people that want to be the next up and coming stars never really put the hard work to do it. Then there is that one and a million rare talents that come into this world.

Creativity and performing in your own unique style can lead musicians to success. Getting jobs as an average drummer can be very difficult. If you are any thing but average and have your own personal style, this can be easy to get a job. Being able to be creative in all genres of music not just Jazz can be essential to ones future.

If a Jazz drummer can mix heavy metal with Jazz it can draw a large quantity of fans. The diversity that would be around one person would be mind boggling. Every highly successful musician would want to work with an artist that shows a lot of diversity. The strength of professionalism that knowing the music by heart will show amazing artistry. improvisation is also very important not just for a Jazz drummer but a drummer in general.

Being able to be creative in all genres of music not just Jazz can be essential to ones future.

To be able to do an improvisation shows a rare skill for drummers especially for once that know all genres of music. Drumming is an art form that shows clarity by the use of two hands and one brilliantly musical mind.

The Crazed, Driven Man From Greenwich Village

“Shots fired! Shots fired! Somebody call nine one one!” A man with a beard having his eyes flashed from the local policeman. Sirens ringing all around the neighborhood like an alarm clock on the first day of junior high. Although, these sirens were for a situation that turned to great violence and tragedy. This was not a first day at school this was a human beings love being lost because his life was on the line.

Johnny Greenwood leaved in the apartment complexes in The Village. Johnny was 49 years old and he loved to play the drums. His main focus was Jazz drumming. The only problem was that he didn’t have sticks or drums. Metal spoons from his kitchen were his sticks.

After while, they got bend a lot from Greenwood banging them everywhere he could. One day his good friend Mikey got him drum sticks but he didn’t say were he got them. Johnny without a care in the world grabbed the wooden sticks and began banging them everywhere he went. On the train, in the park, on a bench, on a tree, literally anywhere at anytime that is all Johnny was doing on this sunny august day.

Buddy Rich songs were being played in Johnny’s head all day and he put on performances in the streets with his sticks and buckets. A few quarters dropped into his hat. Turned out to be a fun and eventful day. Who knows maybe he can become a professional at Jazz drumming. Anyway that is was he was aiming for.

A strange man approached Johnny as he arrived back home in The Village. “Are those my drum sticks?” Johnny very confused kept walking passed the man. Johnny tried to run but the strange man pointed a gun at his face. “I missed a performance that could have changed my future forever!!” “You stole from me!!” Johnny sweating from fear and confusing. Johnny said,” there mine, there my sticks!”

Multiple shots were fired in The Village. Johnny’s friend Mikey shot the old crazed man right in the back while the crazed man shot Johnny right in the head. The crazed man and Johnny laid still together each one holding a wooden stick while both sticks slowly left their hands. Mikey was in total shock. “Shots fired! Shots fired!” A neighbor hollers out to warn fellow neighbors that were outside.

The police arrived hours later flashing a light into Johnny eyes and they were wide open. Lights were flashing and sirens ringing in The Village by the end of a hot summer August night.